Travel further, play longer, run harder

The EzyDog Runner's Collection is for anyone who is active with their dog. If you go jogging or running with your dog, we have a variety of leads that can help

1. The Road Runner Leash

The Road Runner is a hands free dog leash that is also shock absorbing. The handle of the lead can be unclipped and extended, meaning it can be waist worn or around the shoulder. The soft touch webbing is reflective for night time safety and the handle is lined with neoprene

Purchase the Road Runner Leash here

EzyDog Road Runner Leash


2. The Handy Leash

The Handy Leash is a hands free dog lead that is worn around the hand like a glove. It is adjustable to fit all hand sizes and can be combined with the Soft Touch Extensions and Zero Shock Extensions to make a full size dog leash.

Purchase the Handy Leash here

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