Life Jacket for your dog

It is advisable to have your dog wear a life jacket in water, even if you think your dog is an excellent swimmer. Read more about life jackets for dogs in this blog.

Why does your dog need a life jacket?

Comparable to people, a life vest is first and foremost for the safety of your dog. We always assume that dogs are good swimmers, because from a certain instinct they automatically swim when they are in the water. And even though it usually looks natural, it is not easy for every dog ​​to move smoothly through the water. To protect the safety of your dog, it is important for the dog to wear a life jacket every time it enters the water.

The feeling of safety through the life vest also gives you as an owner more peace of mind, so you also enjoy the moments that your dog is enjoying themselves.

dog life jacket

Wearing a Life jacket is comfortable for your dog

A life jacket not only ensures that your dog safely in the water plays, it also provides convenience. Especially when dogs get tired, it can often happen that they get a lot of water because they breathe quickly, which is bad for your dog, but above all dangerous. The life vest keeps the head of the dog above water easier, making breathing easier and your dog also automatically moves through the water more easily.

Dog lifejackets from EzyDog

There are no better life jackets for your dog than those of EzyDog. What really stands out compared to other life jackets is the use of high quality materials that ensure that your dog's safety is paramount in every situation. In addition to the materials incorporated in the life jacket, the functional strong handles and straps are also characteristic of the quality of the EzyDog DFD Dog Flotation Device  life jackets. As an owner, you do not have to worry that the life vest loosens or slips during the swimming of the dog.

Up to 50% more flotation material than other Dog Life Jackets

The life vests of EzyDog are equipped with a unique Floating Foam, so your dog is always brought into a natural swimming position and also easily stays above water. The float vests from EzyDog contain on average 50% more buoyancy than other dog life jackets. Even the biggest dogs benefit from this life jacket because a piece easily floats, while they simply have the freedom to play and swim in the water!

A Float Vest for every dog size

The dog life jackets from EzyDog are available in five different sizes. Even for the smallest dogs there is an EzyDog Micro life jacket, suitable for dogs weighing less than seven kilograms. Before you order a life jacket for your dog, it is advisable to always first measure your dog so that you are sure that your dog is wearing the right life jacket. The colours are chosen to be bright and high visibility, as the safety of your dog is always in the forefront of the design of the life jacket.

The features of the EzyDog dog life jacket:

  • Durable materials
  • Unique floating foam for high buoyancy
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Safe and functional
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