Best Dog Harness for Dog Walking

A dog harness, have you ever tried it?  With the development of so many different dog harnesses, choosing between all of them can be confusing. How do you choose between all the available options? Whether its an everyday dog walk, an overnight hike, cycling adventure or a harness for the car, your choice of harness has more to do with the situation its going to be used for and what individual features you require. For example, do you need more control, or is comfort your main objective, do you want to be able to add accessories onto the harness or perhap you want a simple harness thats easy to take on and off.

Below is info on the perfect dog harness for you and your dog for every situation:

But first, why should you buy a Dog Harness instead of a collar?

Harnesses provide many benefits over traditional dog collars. While collars certainly play their role, many argue that harnesses are overall better for walking your dog, simply because they allow you to control a dog better without causing discomfort or choking.

1. Quick Fit Harness

Perfect for any dogs and owners who are new to harnesses. With the Quick Fit Harness you have a dog harness that is easy to use, in one click you and your dog are ready to go. Ideal when you do not have time to waste and do not want to waste unnecessary energy when wearing a complicated dog harness with your dog.

It’s as easy as a collar: slip it over the dog’s head, buckle it once, and you’re ready to stroll. The Quick Fit eliminates the need for a collar altogether with the inclusion of its own built-in ID attachment. It’s made of sturdy soft touch nylon webbing with reflective trim for night walking.

In addition to the simplicity of use, this dog harness also catches the eye through comfort. The Quick Fit Harness is designed with neoprene, which together with the EzyDog soft touch webbing ensures a soft touch on the chest and other contact points of the dog. suitable for any size. Sanding and crushing is thereby minimized. In short, a simple dog harness with comfort, for both the dog and owner. 

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2. Chest Plate Harness

The Chest Plate Harness is the ultimate all rounder, perfect for any situation or activity. The harness allows great freedom of movement, so is best for when running, hiking or cycling with your dog without causing discomfort for your K9. With a wide range of sizes and generous adjustability, the Chest Plate dog harness is ideal for any dog, small or large. The EVA chest pad forms to the dog’s chest for a custom fit and the soft touch webbing with reflective trim keeps your pup comfy all-day and all-night long.

This style of harness is ideal for a dog with a longer chest but is also exceptional for dogs who are escape artists, as its virtually impossible to back out of. One of the best features of the Chest Plate Harness is the amount of control it provides for a dog who’s difficult to handle and it can even help to mitigate pulling.

As with all EzyDog products, the Chest Plate Harness is built with safety in mind. Each Chest Plate Harness comes with a seat belt restraint to keep dog restrained in vehicles. This free attachment is easy to attach to the dog harness, so it takes no effort to install your dog before you drive away. If anything unexpected happens in the journey, the force is distributed over the dog's chest. But if you are looking for an approved seat belt for your dog check out the...

3. Drive Harness

This dog car harness has been tested and approved to all travel safety standards. With the Drive Auto Harness you step safely into the car, while your dog is safely stuck in the back. The dog harness must be adjusted once to your dog, then it is ready for long-term use. Easy to set up in the car by pulling the seat belt through the magnetic handles on top of the dog harness and clicking into the normal closure of your seat.

As with all EzyDog products, the Drive Auto Harness has also been developed with products of durable, high quality. The Tri-glides are made from aircraft rated aluminum, the webbing is made from the best quality car seat belts. In this dog harness, comfort for your dog is also considered, with the EVA chest support that forms to your dog, making it the perfect fit for every dog!

Convert harnas beach

4. Convert Harness

The Convert Harness is for the customer who likes a bit extra from their dog harness. The ultimate in comfort, accessories to customise, easy to fit, with a more rugged construction; perfect as a service dog harness and pups who love adventure. The easy-grab handle located on the top of the harness also makes it easy to grab hold of your K9, keeping them close or assisting a heavy or disabled dog into a vehicle, with the added benefit of magnetic closure to keep it out of the way when it’s not needed. Reflective trim make any dog wearing the Convert Harness stand out at night.

As its name suggests, this harness can be converted into a dog backpack with the optional Convert Saddle Bags. Whether in town or on the trail, this configuration is great for long days out by allowing the pup to carry some of their own gear such as treats, food, pick-up bags, travel bowls, and other accessories.

With a focus on training and safety, the Convert Harness is also durable due to the stainless stainless steel D-ring and the polyester exterior. Safe through the magnetic safety handle when you need extra control over your dog, for example in traffic.

Of course, this dog harness is also designed with the comfort for your dog in mind. The Convert Harness gives your dog some extra support on the sides, so that the power is not only distributed across the chest.

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